Our message

We can’t just sit by and watch in silence as our country gets derailed. Today’s political situation is
putting values at risk that are important to Estonia.

Estonia has developed very quickly since we regained our independence. We have achieved a lot, and we’ve become a role model for many, too.

At the same time, we still have a lot of work to do to make our society caring and involving. For that to happen, the key foundations of our country have to remain intact: democratic values, the rule of law and respect for all people, and steadfastly facing West. Estonia has to preserve an environment that lets people make better lives for themselves. And making Estonia more inclusive and more connected, we also improve our security.

Today, all of this is at risk, and we need to stand up for a caring, respecting, dignified, successful, involved country full of opportunities. For an Estonia we can be proud of. For an Estonia that is everyone’s Estonia, regardless of gender, race, language, religion and other differences.

Right now, it doesn’t matter who voted for whom. Right now, what matters is that we all come together and say making way for anger and putting values and principles at risk is not okay.

Our Estonia is democratic, confident, protected, inclusive, caring, forward-looking and European in spirit. These values stretch across political parties and unite us all. Come join our movement Kõigi Eesti!