What do we stand for?

Kõigi Eesti is a civic initiative that stands for a respectful, caring, dignified, and opportunity-filled Estonia.

Kõigi Eesti stands for an inclusive, caring, and safe society that is the Estonia of everyone who lives here—regardless of location, age, sex or gender, skin colour, language, creed, or other differences. For an Estonia where no-one feels pushed aside or belittled. We need a country where everyone is safe and no-one needs to be afraid of changes happening in the world.

Kõigi Eesti appeals to put an end to lying, inciting fear, and setting members of society against each other. Our society is fragmented, and this didn’t happen overnight. Antagonising brings no-one forward and breaks us apart. Only by listening to each other can we find what connects us. We have more in common than we have differences. But our small country only has a future if we stick together—all of us here in Estonia. Kõigi Eesti wants us all to communicate politely with each other.

Kõigi Eesti stands for all freedoms. The freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of opinion, freedom of the press, freedom of self-actualisation, artistic freedom, the freedom of doctors and teachers to do their work. The freedom to make decisions about your own body and mind. The freedom to feel at home in Estonia. The freedom to stand up for your rights. The freedom to be independent and different.

Let us hold on to the foundations of our country. To do this, we must preserve what our country and nation rely on: democratic values, and a respect for the rule of law and for each other. Our Estonia is built on freedom. People deserve the freedom to shape their own lives. Specialists deserve freedom from political pressure. We all deserve freedom from fear.